About Us

Our Story

Many service members are deployed and come back with severe injuries or have died defending our freedom. Their service to our country changes their family lives forever that could have adverse effects on families living a healthy life.

Timothy and Carolyne Sharp, Founders of A Patriot’s Legacy Foundation, experienced their son having severe injuries due to combat and seen the impact it made towards the family. After their son died due to other conditions, the family’s primary concern was the mental awareness of their grand daughter. Military assistance was limited or time sensitive, and as children, they do not know how to express their emotions. Being the voice of the children is important during a traumatic change to maintain a positive well-being.

Providing a mentoring program, sponsoring an activity the child enjoys and special events outside of school will keep them in a healthy state of mind during a stressful time while assisting the wounded/surviving parent with the recovery or healing process.

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” – Maya Angelou

About the Logo

When looking at the logo you will see a serviceman holding a baby girl.  This is an actual picture of Sgt. Timothy W. Sharp Jr. and his daughter Tierra in 2013.  The logo presents sentimental meaning but also reminds everyone of all the service members that defend our country and leave behind their children.

“Providing these types of services is a small price to pay for the veteran who defended our freedom.”

Who We Are

Our Mission

Us military mother with her baby
To serve the children of the wounded or fallen military service members by being a prime resource through advocacy, emotional and educational support.

Our Vision

Happy family posing together
For all military children that experience a traumatic change or loss of their parent to be equipped with all resources available to them and provide support to participate in activities they enjoy when their family recovers during a stressful time.


A Patriot’s Legacy Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that is supported by an all volunteer board dedicated to our mission of making a positive impact on the children of both the severely injured or fallen military service member through advocacy, emotional and educational assistance.

Board of Directors

Carolyne Sharp

Carolyne was formerly a Purchasing Agent for a utility company, developing strategies for purchasing generating plant equipment. Prior to purchasing, Carolyne spent two years in Human Resources, where she was a Talent Management Agent specializing in recruiting for departments targeting veterans, promoting diversity and managing the company internship program. Read more…

James Harden
Board Member
Grants & Temp. Treasurer

James Harden has over twenty 25 years of Investigative and Police experience. A proud Veteran of Desert Storm serving as a Military Police Investigator in the United States Army for 6ys.. Read more…

Michael L. Smith
Board Member
Public Relations

Mike Smith is currently a Professional Speaker, Coach and Consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and most recently Caterpillar, speaking on the topics of Mental Toughness and Approval Addiction. Read more…

Advisory Board

Ondra Berry

Senior Vice President Organizational Culture and
Employee Engagement, MGM Resorts International

Rose Davis

Western Region Minority Supplier Development Council

Doretha Easler

Community Relations Manager
NV Energy

Lisa Drake

Major Accounts Executive,
NV Energy

Clark McCarrell Jr.

Nevada Test Site

Elmer Herndon

US Air Force, Security Forces

Rhoda Bowman

Veteran, US Army

Retired, Senior Procurement Agent

Jimmie Richardson

Veterans Administration Services

Genea Roberson

Veterans Administration Services